Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feeling Fortunate

Law firms are laying off attorneys like crazy right now, especially new attorneys who have relatively little experience. The large firms here in Indy are making headlines for trimming support staff and associate attorneys like crazy. I read an article yesterday about all the out-of-work attorneys applying for paralegal jobs (which is roughly the equivalent of doctors applying for nursing jobs).

I have had the good fortune of going with two other attorneys to launch a new practice during this economic downturn. It is good fortune because we already had our clients firmly established (thanks to the other two, much more "senior," attorneys I work with). It was also good fortune because we made the decision to start out with one attorney and one assistant less than we thought we would need in order to assure we got off on solid financial footing. So, we have all been putting in lots of hours to make up for that, but so far we have remained (knock on wood) mostly recession-proof as a result of that decision.

I feel fortunate, or perhaps I should say blessed, that I have been taken care of during this absolutely hideous economy. And although I have no idea what tomorrow brings in the current economic landscape, I'm starting to sense that God is trying to teach me that he'll take care of me, regardless of the circumstances, whether raising money to fund a new ministry start-up venture, or trying to make it as a "young" attorney in a world where all the young attorneys are getting fired. I am slow learner, though.


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