Saturday, February 07, 2009

Good Things

Niles is sleeping better at night the last couple of nights. (Knock on wood.)

The five-day weather forecast includes all highs AND LOWS above freezing. Compared to what we have had lately, it feels like tropical paradise. Well, almost.

I went out and bought a copy of Turbo Tax, and spent most of today (and part of last Saturday) entering info. It appears we are in line for a very nice tax refund, which will absolutely save us in light of all of Niles' medical bills. This is truly a blessing and a weight off our shoulders.

Because Lucas has now gotten totally into Star Wars, we have been watching all six episodes in order (five down, one to go), which I have never done before. It has taken us several weekends, but it has been fun stuff. Actually, Rebekah and Tori have watched quite a bit of it, as well. It has been fun for me to anwer their questions about the story-line and the creatures (and to admit on some of them that I don't know the answer, but Doug Citizen would).

Out of nowhere, my brother Jason and his wife Melissa have offered to watch all three kids so Rebekah and I can go out for Valentine's Day. A very nice surprise.

My mom and dad gave Rebekah some much needed help on Friday, watching Niles, entertaining Luc, and my dad has been fixing a few things around the house. Very good timing on all of the above.

And Tori is going to help me organize some work documents later today, which is also very helpful.

OK, so far I have been nothing but positive in this entire entry. I'll end now before I go and blow it.


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