Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update on Niles

The boy is doing much better. He's off all assitance now, and is merely being monitored to ensure that he is feeding properly for a couple of days. He should be home by Monday if things continue the way they are going. Thanks for your prayers.

By the way, the boy is very cool. I like him a lot.

It has been one of the most chaotic weeks of my life. We've had the surprise of the early delivery of a baby, the stress of him being in the NICU, the responsibility of making sure Tori and Lucas have been taken care of (although lots of people are to be thanked for helping us with that) and, to top it all off, I had some pre-trial motions due at the end of the week. Outside of some serious fatigue, though, Rebekah and I have come through it pretty well. She has been at the hospital as much as possible to feed him in order to get him to the place where he can be released.

I think we may be through making babies at this point. The last two have been interesting adventures.


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