Thursday, March 03, 2005


I live in a city where the mayor speaks at an elementary school and tells the kids that one of his hobbies is drinking gin . . .

. . . part of me is shocked that the mayor said that to young kids . . . part of me thinks he's just plain cool . . . still, this officially marks the end of me trying to convince people that Vegas is really more like every other city than they think. Just aint so.

(and, remember, I once lived in the New York City Metro Area).


Blogger Timothy said...

i'm not sure what to think of the mayor...
i do know that he wasn't out of place in this town...
actually i'm sort of shocked that the media on his case about it...
i know our schools are supposed to be 'safe places' for our kids, but have you seen what some of the parents who pick up their kids after school wear?
i doubt there are many other cities where mom gets off work and still has her pole dancing outfit on when she picks up junior.
vegas is vegas. it is what it is. i don't know that i'd live anywhere else.
as paul says (my take on it anyway) 'where there is lots of sin, there is even more grace'.
(i guess i would have liked to see that grace from my ex church, however i can still extend it to them, to the mom in her 'outfit' and to the mayor. hey, we're all imperfect).

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