Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Yet More on Kids

(from Andy, related to my last two entries):

"Since God has created all things including children, would it make sense that children are the most recent creations that saw the Father prior to being created? In my experience, children already comprehend community much better at it than we adults do. Perhaps they are masters at it and we teach them to turn away from deep community all in the name of education, bigotry, fanatical moves, etc. (you know grown up reasons). In turn, I ponder what we would learn by genuinely observing our children in a pure, innocent atmosphere. To see them interact with a new kid with out all the hesitations that have been instilled in them from us. If one gets hurt in any way, what would be their reaction? Would it be to isolate themselves from the broken child? Would they say that I am too good for you and therefore I will take my ball and go home?"


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