Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ode To Running

Since I've never been very athletic, running has been a great way for me explore an otherwise unknown realm for me. I’ve been a runner for twenty years now.

This week, I started training for what will hopefully be my first marathon -- the Las Vegas Marathon in December. I’ll at least do the half-marathon, but I’m really hoping that my schedule (and my body) will be up to the challenge of the full marathon. Then I’ll retire from full marathons, always knowing that I once did it!

Running in races is a lot of fun. I always make it a goal to finish, and not finish last. So far I’ve succeeded! Actually, I always try to be in the top one third, which is an attainable goal. Here are the races I’ve participated in over the years:

The Spring Lake Five Mile, May 1997, New Jersey Shore

The Great Cow Harbor 10K, September 1997, Long Island, NY

The Spring Lake Five Mile, May 1998, New Jersey Shore

The Great Cow Harbor 10K, September 1998, Long Island, NY

Kiwanis 10K, March 2000, Palm Springs, CA

YMCA’s World’s Largest Run 5K, June 2001, Las Vegas, NV

5K at Sunset Park, Sometime in 2002, Las Vegas, NV

San Diego Half Marathon, January 2003, San Diego, CA


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