Monday, March 28, 2005


We just returned from our whirlwind tour visiting relatives in Indiana & Michigan.

Fun: Rebekah & I got to spend one night together without the kids in downtown Grand Rapids at the same hotel where we stayed on the first night of our honeymoon ten years ago. That was fun. My brother Jason & I went to a Pacers game in Indianapolis. In a very different way, that was fun too.

Not-So-Fun: We drove over 700 miles with Tori & Lucas, and flew over 7 hours with them as well. That was not so fun, though they both did pretty well considering their ages.

We also visited dozens of relatives, ranging in age from 10 months old all the way up to 80-something years old. Most of them had never seen Lucas before.

Although it was an important and meaningful trip in many ways, notice that nowhere in this entry have I used the word "vacation." That word is reserved for a far different kind of trip than this!


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