Friday, May 07, 2004

It's a Messed Up World
Some days I just can't help realize how #$%^ed up this planet really is.

1) Some of our soldiers are caught abusing prisoners, exposing a shameful side to who we are as a people (regardless of one's political opinons about the war). It seems instantly it is turned into a bi-partisan political issue. And, the 11 o'clock news anchors, while gasping over how atrocious it is, still manage to show the images five nights in a row because there's ratings to be had (ie money to be made) by showing them.

2) Consumerism has ruined our culture. Whether I'm trying to get a phone line installed, get medical care, or just purchase a car wash, I'm repeatedly confronted with the fact that most people don't care about me (or the others they are helping) at all, they are just doing the minimum they can to get by and make a paycheck.

3) One of my professors, while often hinting at the fact that he is an evangelical Christian, has continually taken advantage of his position to treat students poorly, and did so again today (apparently intentionally) by sending an e-mail postponing a review session at a time that made it impossible for anyone to read the e-mail before they left home to drive to the review session.

Enough of my complaining. But the older I get, the more I realize that things on this planet aint right -- something's broken. I am blessed to live in a community of people who usually provide an excpetion to this brokenness.


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