Thursday, February 05, 2004

Brain Dump 2002, Part 2
Following is part two of a previous entry. More to come, and I will pick up the pace & post more often. Remember this is stuff I was thinking 18 months ago, with only minor update edits.

"When I share with people that we meet in simple churches (house churches as some call them) that aim to multiply quickly instead of growing large, and that these churches are not at all dependent on buildings, paid pastors, or structure, the first question I am often asked is: 'How do you keep control of all the churches when they start multiplying?'

I have formulated some very thorough answers to that question which I often share.

But, I have come to believe that the single largest problem that the North American Church faces is this: That we ask that question in the first place! I think it might be appropriate for me to say: 'Please go think & pray until you no longer feel the need to ask that question. That will be the key for everything else.' I don’t say that to be confrontational; I say that out of deep conviction that it is true. The answers I can give will put your mind at ease, but you might be more likely to accept or even embrace these ideas if you were at a place where that question was not necessary! I guess I’m saying that I believe that question is a bit of a stronghold from the enemy, so to speak."


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