Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Easy Decision '08?

"Yes, young evangelical Christians do care deeply about moral issues, but within the context of equally important broader issues, such as social justice, care for our planet, and compassionate concern for the poor.

Many evangelical Christians concluded that poverty wasn't their problem, wasn't important, and wasn't solvable . . . .

There are about 2,000 verses in the Bible that speak about the poor and the injustice that is often the cause of their suffering. God is clear about how this grieves Him and what He expects us to do about it. There are more verses about poverty than about heaven and hell combined . . . .

Younger Christians don't wrestle with with the either/or of ministering to body and soul but rather embrace the both/and, as Jesus did. They are not willing to let stand the narrow, negative labels by which others would define them but instead are creating a new definition as Christians whose faith naturally compels them to positively and personally engage in our suffering world."

-Wes Stafford, Compassion International, in a recent article in Compassion magazine

There are some Catholics thinking along the same lines as well. Check out the website for Catholics United, especially the flyer entitled "Pro-Life Means All Life."


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